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March, 2014
Organization of the 5th preparatory course for the PMP© certification, 6 days in perfect alignment with the PMBOK© Guide - 5th edition.
Dates : 29-30 March, 05-06 et 12-13 April 2014.


April, 2014
Organization of the preparatory cycle ITILV3 Foundation Certification for 3 days.
Dates : 20, 27 April et 04 May 2014.



Telecom and IT business in Morocco is increasingly looking for skilled resources due to the below situations.
o Decreased ARPU from voice and traditional operators revenues.
o Higher pressure on margins and OPEX therefore more need of outsourcing.
o Increased complexity and number of technologies: web technologies, 2G, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, LTE…
o Increased number of skill areas: optimization 2G, 3G, LTE, e2e performance, IP, Cloud, Applications, integration, support…etc
o Shorter time for skills obsolescence.
o Need for continuous and increasing investment in competence.
o Shorter project assignment timeframes, therefore more need for temporary resources.
o Increased need for temporary resource fill with specific Competence levels (Assessed, experience, Senior, Expert, Principal Expert)
o Skilled resources are looking to increase their expertise in different projects and for more financial reward for their expertise.

The Challenge:

SkillCom is our competence based outsourcing solution to tackle the following issues raised by our enterprise customers:
o Increased need for reduction of OPEX.
o Focus on core competence and outsourcing of all support functions.
o Limited permanent hiring and recruitment due to increased uncertainty.
o Continuous and fast changes in business environment lead to higher need for agile organizations and project based sourcing.
o Quick Obsolescence of competence.
o Time limited need for highly technical and specialized resource.
o A need to have a competence based ROI for money spent on external resources: fair price, right Skill at the right time.

The Needs:

When it comes to hiring consultants and external resource, here is questions and needs we here from our clients:
o Can customer have a pool of resources with guaranteed competence at the right time??
o Can customer have a value for each Euro spent again return on competence, with details costs and margins??
o Can customer get support on the startup of the project to define the need and the right competence needs and pyramid??
o Can we have an evaluation system to make sure we get what we pay for for competence based resources?
o How can we transfer the risk of turnover and un-billed resources from client to the resource provider??
o How can we transfer cost of training on the new technologies and skills to the provider??
o Can we have all inclusive offering: competence, tools, transport…etc and know the cost of each one ??

The Solution:

The Skillcom outsourcing service will deliver rights resources to clients in the following areas:
o Mobile networks configuration, optimization and support
o IP and Boradband
o IT hardware and OS integration and Support
o Business Application development and support
o Project Management
o Project coordination

How we do it is unique to our offering:
o We detail down to single cost element in the quotation, and customer can directly decide about what cost element to keep or remove.
o We provide Highly experienced personnel in each area to perform technical selection of candidates (Technical Anchors) :
    - Technical evaluation.
    - Validation of level of competence and exposure to projects on the same area of expertise by validating references and recommendations.
    - Clear level of pyramid attribution to each of the candidates based on skills and expertise.
    - HR evaluation of candidates based on nature of position and requirements on behavior and soft skills performed by highly experience Human resource Managers, for instance:
        * Ability of integration.
        * Stress Management.
        * Problem solving.
        * Ability to lead a group.
        * Language skills.
        * Ability of achievement.


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