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March, 2014
Organization of the 5th preparatory course for the PMP© certification, 6 days in perfect alignment with the PMBOK© Guide - 5th edition.
Dates : 29-30 March, 05-06 et 12-13 April 2014.


April, 2014
Organization of the preparatory cycle ITILV3 Foundation Certification for 3 days.
Dates : 20, 27 April et 04 May 2014.


Situation and challenges:

With the mobile paradigm shift happening in the last few years, there is tremendous pressure on enterprises to move to mobility, wither it’s a technology company, retail or banking, small medium or big company, the fast and unexpected migration of users to Mobile has brought new challenges to the companies:
o How do they adapt their offering and internet strategies to mobile?
o How they manage the BOYD paradigm?
o What devices they should use and how to interoperate with existing IT, what contents they should have for their sales, operations and marketing personnel?
o How to handle the maintenance of their Mobile Hardware?
o How they manage the security of their data over mobile?

In the same time, mobility has brought tremendous opportunities like never before:
o For operation personnel :
    - Around the clock access to corporate applications for work schedule, customer order and transactions,
    - Remote order processing.
    - Customer support.
o For Sales and marketing :
    - Remote Sales funnels.
    - Remote Order processing.

For consumers, the new platform and Apps store by Apple and Android have also created an unprecedented opportunities to use Mobile devices as powerful devices for :
o Social media on the spot,
o Gaming.
o M-commerce
o Education.
o Media consumption.

Those needs have brought new challenges for the consumers:
o How they manage the HW/SW of their devices?
o How they secure there devices (that become centric platforms) against growing attacks, theft and secure parental control??


MOBITcom aim at using the mobile revolutions as a range of new opportunities to enterprises by:

o A range of OPEX and CAPEX optimized solution including: mobiles devices, tablets, security software for mobile platforms.
o Secure mobile platforms for Android.
o Designing, and maintaining new Android and IOS apps.
o Design, develop and maintain customized content for internal use for verticals.
o Pricing centric Managed solutions around mobile, relieving enterprise from the headaches of acquiring, maintaining and securing their employees mobile devices.
o Offering a new suite of affordable and reliable products and services while ensuring interoperability and integrated approach.
o A list of partners for M2M modules and solutions: for Retail, banking, health, entertainment.
o A range of consulting solutions for Mobile fleet management, device support.

For Operators, MOBITcom provide the following Benefits:

o Competence based services (design, installation, integration, quality audit, supervision, project Management) with extensive knowledge about technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi.
o A proven experience in Quality of service measurement, performance Management, and optimization for voice and data based on active and passive measurement via state of the art tools.
o A network of partners with decades of expertise and knowledge of different technologies that when working with MOBITcom local organization will adapt these knowledge and expertise to the local context.
o A network of international consultants and resources for limited on-site support, trainings or consulting services.
o A network of international established and new vendors for HW/SW that are offering suitable solutions for the market place.
o Outsourcing solutions skill and SLA based.
o Traning solutions for soft skills and competence based: project Management and PMP, technical trainings and knowledge transfer services.

For Consumers, MOBITcom brings the following:

o A mobile experience dedicated e-commerce and content platform, named:
o A broad portfolio of mobile devices and accessories.
o A rich content for mobile news and latest updates.
o A second hand market place to buy and sell used products.
o Security solution for devices: mobile and tablets.
o Own OEM brands for mobile devices that answer local market place demand.


Devices wholesalers and OEM for brands:

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Radio network Measurement solutions:

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