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MOBITcom have been incepted at the junction of 3 main trends:
o MOBILITY solutions
o IT solutions
o Communication Solutions

With the acceleration of this 3 needs, new challenges have risen for the consumers, enterprise and operators that is revolutionizing existing business Models and revenue generation, but Also creating new unlimited opportunities.

MOBITcom wants to be a prime contributor to the transformation by having an extrinsic focus on tackling the new challenges and addressing the new opportunities.

We have in our management sejourned MBA’s with history of more than 15 years of IT and Telecom operations experience in North Africa countries and have a genetic passion for customer focus and Excellence in everything we do.

We believe in the strong talent pool we have in our country and we want to leverage on this talent to create value for our customers and our country.

We also believe in Value proposition rather than traditional cost margin structure for our offering, so we will strive to price against what we bring as intrinsic added value, not the based on heads or fixed costs.

Latest News


March, 2014
Organization of the 5th preparatory course for the PMP© certification, 6 days in perfect alignment with the PMBOK© Guide - 5th edition.
Dates : 29-30 March, 05-06 et 12-13 April 2014.


April, 2014
Organization of the preparatory cycle ITILV3 Foundation Certification for 3 days.
Dates : 20, 27 April et 04 May 2014.

Mobility Solutions

o Mobile Devices.
o Mobile Apps.
o Mobile Access solutions
o Managed services solutions.
o Offshoring services.
o M2M solutions
o Tools and processes
o Competence and training solutions

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IT Solutions

o IT infrastructure
o Payement systems
o Printing solutions
o Remote sales solutions.
o E-commerce solutions
o SW developpement solutions.
o Offshoring services.
o Cloud solutions.
o Tools and Processes.
o Competemce mgmt and training solutions.

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Communication Solutions

o Fixed network solutions.
o LAN Networking solutions.
o Unified com solutions
o Tools and processes
o Competence and training solutions

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